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Focus on Eye Health

Your eyes are an important part of your overall health. But oftentimes it’s not until we have a bothersome eye issue or condition that we start to think about the importance of our eye health. The first step in assessing your overall eye health is researching your family history to see if there are any prevalent hereditary eye diseases that you may be susceptible to. If so, a visit to a trusted eye care professional along with a comprehensive eye exam will be helpful in determining your risk for developing an eye condition or disease and proactive course of action or treatment.

From there, your eye health starts daily with nutrition and a healthy diet. It is recommended to include dark, leafy greens like spinach and kale along with foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids into your eye-healthy diet. It is also important to maintain a healthy weight, since obesity increases the risk of developing diabetes which could lead to diabetic eye disease or glaucoma.

There are other precautions you can take on a daily basis to protect your eyes:

-Wear protective eye wear during sports and activities, as well as in the workplace if your occupation requires it

-Make sure your sunglasses block out 99-100% of harmful UVA and UVB rays and keep them easily accessible when outdoors

-Avoid eye strain and fatigue by giving your eyes a break when in front of a computer or other digital devices for extended periods of time

-Refrain from touching or rubbing your eyes with dirty hands

-Quit smoking – research has linked smoking to an increased risk of developing several serious eye conditions which could lead to blindness

If you find yourself with minor eye troubles such as dry eye, pink eye, or a bothersome stye, LETMEDCO carries a variety of over-the-counter Opthalmic Eye Care products at everyday low prices. Make sure to stock up on your trusted eye care remedies to keep you seeing crystal clear.

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Spotlight on Athletic Tape

When a minor injury or instability takes an athlete out of the game, they usually turn to athletic tape to get them back on the field quickly. Athletic tape is used to stabilize and support injured or sprained joints, overstretched ligaments and sore muscles on nearly every body part.

One of the most common injuries an athlete will face is a sprained ankle. Most will pay little attention to their sprain and return to the court or field, risking further damage. A correct application of athletic tape will not only stabilize the sprain, but decrease the likelihood for re-injury in the future.

Since it is important to choose the right tape for your injury, LETMEDCO is a proud to carry a wide selection of athletic tapes by Mueller Sports Medicine, Cramer and Johnson & Johnson, at everyday low prices. Below are a few options that will meet your athletic tape needs. A full catalog of our tapes can be found within our Athletic Training Supplies category.


Mueller Sports Medicine:




Johnson & Johnson:


Taping Kits:


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Allergy Season in Full Bloom

Most people look forward to spring time – longer days filled with sunshine, warmer weather and flowers in full bloom. But for the millions of people who suffer from seasonal allergies, spring time means dealing with the headache (and sneezing, runny noses and itchy, watery eyes) of seasonal allergies. Allergic Rhinitis happens when the immune system overreacts to particles (pollen, ragweed, mold, etc.) in the air. Our bodies then create antibodies to fight these particles off, resulting in the release of the chemical histamine. This leads to inflammation anywhere that the allergen may encounter – such as the eyes, nose, throat and airways.

The timing and severity of an allergy season varies across the country. In many areas of the United States, spring allergies can begin as early as February and last well into the summer. A mild winter could cause flowers to pollinate early. Rain in early spring can cause plants to grow rapidly, leading to an increase in mold. Rain is known to wash pollen away, but pollen counts tend to soar after a heavy rainfall. It is these factors that are taken into account to determine when and for how long an allergy season will last.

When symptoms occur, most allergy sufferers turn to an anti-histamine, such as Benadryl, Claritin, Allegra and Zyrtec to treat their symptoms. Many anti-histamines are available in 12 hour and 24 hour dose caplets which should be taken consistently to increase their effectiveness. It is also important to take anti-histamines as directed, as some may cause drowsiness. If taking an over-the-counter allergy medication doesn’t provide symptom relief, it may be necessary to see an allergist to determine if allergy shots, known as immunotherapy, may work for you.

LETMEDCO is proud to offer a wide selection of over-the-counter allergy medications at everyday low prices as well as free shipping on all Pharmaceutical-OTC orders over $34.99. Take a moment to browse our Allergy category and stock up today for relief all allergy season long.

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Athletic Training Bags & Kits

Are you an athletic trainer? If so, you know how crucial it is to keep yourself and your supplies organized and easily accessible while on the sidelines of the big game. Ranging from fanny packs to back packs to rolling luggage styles, Mueller, Cramer and Meret offer Athletic Training Kits to meet your every need.

Mueller’s Hero line of bags and kits feature interchangeable accessories making them easily customizable. They are rugged, lightweight and durable enough to stand up to the toughest conditions on the field. Paired with the Mueller Refill Kit, you’ll have all of the necessary athletic and medical supplies on hand.

Cramer’s Tuf-Tek kits are available in several different sizes, providing multiple layers of storage and organization. These premium kits feature a semi-rigid outer shell and 1680 ballistic nylon, offering superior protection and durability.

Meret’s A.T. Pro Series line of kits are “ergonomically designed for ease of use, well organized for rapid response, and are constructed from the highest quality materials for dependable performance in all conditions.” Available styles include the Medi Kit Fill Pack Module, Medi Kit Mule and Medi Kit Pro Sport Backpack.

LETMEDCO is proud to offer the lowest prices on their products as well as free shipping on select styles. Take a moment to browse our extensive selection of Athletic Training Kits to find the option best suited for your athletic training and supply needs.

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Form, Fit & Function – DonJoy’s OA Reaction TriFit Web Knee Brace


If you suffer from Osteoarthritis, you are familiar with the stiffness and joint pain associated with this degenerative disease. OA can affect any joint in the body, but occurs most often in the knees, hips, lower back, fingers and toes.

DonJoy, a leading manufacturer in orthopedic bracing, has been reinventing new technologies for OA care over the past 25 years. Their most recent solution to the painful, aging knee is the OA Reaction TriFit Web Knee Brace. Engineered for anyone and any activity level, this state-of-the art brace combines three of DonJoy’s most advanced technologies along with a low profile, custom fit.

The OA Reaction TriFit Web Knee Brace is the first ever 3-dimensional knee brace featuring:

-Web Tech™ –  wraps the knee in a soft and supportive “web” allowing for assisted patella tracking

-Boa® Tech – adjustable dial with micro tension capabilities for a secure fit

-Exos® Tech – brace forms to the knee using heat customization for an intimate fit

These advanced technologies, along with the revolutionary brace design, reduces joint stiffness and pain by increasing shock absorption and dampening painful force and pressure.

LETMEDCO, a proud distributor of DonJoy products, now offers the OA Reaction TriFit Web Knee Brace, in sizes XS-XXXL. Visit our website and place your order today.

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LETMEDCO Adds Dynarex Brand Needles & Syringes To Extensive Product Catalog

STATEN ISLAND, NY. February 15, 2017 – LETMEDCO, a healthcare distributor located in New York, has been a proud distributor of Dynarex brand products since 2008. Dynarex offers a full line of high-quality, economically priced medical supplies for doctor’s offices, hospitals, nursing homes, EMS, dentists, veterinarians and more.

LETMEDCO is pleased to now offer Dynarex’s line of Needles & Syringes in a variety of styles, gauges and sizes to meet all of your medical needs. All products are latex-free, non-toxic, non-pyrogenic and packaged in individual pouches for sterile, disposable one-time use. Syringes feature bold, easy-to-read scale markings for accurate dosing and ease of use.

Dynarex’s commitment to being a one-stop medical supply company that never stops listening, improving and working to give customers unparalleled product and unsurpassed service strongly mirrors LETMEDCO’s core values and principles. LETMEDCO is proud to partner with Dynarex to provide a wide range of high-quality disposable medical products to the healthcare industry, at an exceptional value.

Take a moment to browse all Dynarex brand products, including their Needles & Syringes at www.letmedco.com.

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Company News

LETMEDCO Is Now An Official Distributor of BR Surgical Instruments

STATEN ISLAND, NY. February 1, 2017 – LETMEDCO, a healthcare distributor located in New York, carries and distributes a full line of medical products as well as wholesale pharmaceuticals. LETMEDCO has partnered with some of the most trusted medical product manufacturers in the world and is proud to add BR Surgical to their extensive product catalog.

LETMEDCO is pleased to announce distribution of BR Surgical Instruments. BR Surgical, based in Jacksonville, FL, has been providing precision crafted, German stainless steel surgical instruments and endoscopic equipment to the healthcare industry for over 75 years. Their “Gold Standard” in customer and patient care, along with the quality and workmanship of their numerous product lines, resonate with LETMEDCO’s mission to distribute only the best products to the healthcare industry.

Take a moment to browse LETMEDCO’s extensive offering of BR Surgical Instruments at www.letmedco.com.

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Company News

Preventing HPV in Young Adults

3422946lAccording to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the human papillomavirus (HPV) is “so common that nearly all sexually active men and women get the virus at some point in their lives.”  There are over 40 types of the virus that can infect the genital tract; however, an estimated 90% of cases usually do not reveal symptoms and resolve on their own within two years. Because there are usually no symptoms, anyone who is infected can pass on HPV without even knowing it, which is why it is so problematic.

If HPV tends to disappear without causing any noticeable pain, then why is it such a threat to one’s health? There are many types of HPV that can cause cancer, the most common being cervical cancer, as well as genital warts. Since HPV is asymptomatic most of the time, it is important for women to schedule routine pap tests, which can detect abnormalities that can possibly lead to cancer.

Since half of the HPV infections affect adolescents and young adults ranging from 15 to 24 years old, vaccination should be considered. Currently, Gardasil 9 helps protect girls and women between the ages of 9 and 26 against cervical, vaginal, vulvar, and anal cancers and genital warts caused by 9 types of HPV. Additionally, Gardasil 9 also protects boys and men within that same age group against anal cancer and genital warts caused by HPV. Over the course of six months three injections are given; therefore, it is recommended that children and adolescents receive it at the same time as their other routine vaccinations.

Gardasil 9 is available through LETMEDCO to licensed healthcare professionals. Talk to your doctor today to understand how Gardasil 9 can protect your child from HPV and its possible complications before the possibility of exposure to the virus.

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LETMEDCO Is Pleased To Announce Availability of Alvogen’s Generic Tamiflu

STATEN ISLAND, NY. January 1, 2017–LETMEDCO is located in New York and distributes the most durable, reliable, and economically-priced medical products on the market to fit the health care needs of all medical professionals. LETMEDCO ensures customer satisfaction by stocking their inventory with products that are in high demand.

Since flu season has begun, it is important to take certain precautions to avoid becoming ill such as frequently washing hands and staying well rested. However, sometimes the flu is inevitable. But that does not mean you must suffer the long 7-10 days with a fever, dizziness, body aches, and fatigue. Luckily, the antiviral medication Tamiflu can be administered to patients who have been experiencing flu symptoms for two days or less. This medication quickly relieves symptoms and lessens the duration of the flu virus. It also prevents the flu virus for those who may have been exposed to it.

With prices of pharmaceuticals on the rise, health care providers and patients can save money by using the generic equivalent of Tamiflu, Oseltamivir Phosphate Capsules, launched by Alvogen last month. This current flu season alone, the generic version of Tamiflu has been predicted to save patients and doctors up to $500 million dollars. This product is available in three strengths, 30mg, 45mg and 75mg, which are available for purchase through LETMEDCO to licensed healthcare professionals.

It is LETMEDCO’s continuous objective to learn the value of all new products available on the healthcare market. There is nothing more important than ensuring that the best products are attainable to physicians, hospitals, and patients. In turn, LETMEDCO is pleased to have added Alvogen’s Oseltamivir Phosphate Capsules to their growing inventory.

We look forward to continuing to offer the best products in the market and help patients improve their health.

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Are You at Risk for Shingles?

1802297lIt is a regular day at the office, or what seems like it at first—the smell of freshly brewed coffee travels through each short corridor, off-rhythmic typing sounds carries on without pause, the copier jams and then groans. My neighboring coworker who is middle-aged, feisty, and by this time of day complaining she needs a refill of coffee is completely silent. When I glance over to her cubicle I expect her not to be there, but instead she is hunched forward in her chair. I ask if she is okay, and she tells me that her back hurts and feels like it is on fire. She cannot even lean on the backrest. After a few minutes of convincing, she decides to leave and go to a doctor. She doesn’t return to work for over a month. It is then that I learn that she has been sick with the shingles.

According to Mayo Clinic, “shingles is a viral infection that causes a painful rash.” Derived from the same Varicella Zoster virus that causes chickenpox, the virus remains dormant near the spinal cord and brain after one has chickenpox. Years later, the virus may reactivate into shingles as a result of disease, stress, or aging.

Most often, shingles will appear as a single stripe of blisters that belts around either side of the torso. Most people with shingles suffer from pain and burning in addition to numbness or tingling. The area that is affected is usually sensitive to touch, and a red rash most often develops a few days after the onset of the pain. Fluid-like blisters that break open and crust over accompanied with itching are other symptoms. Furthermore, in some cases those with shingles may experience fatigue, fever, headache, and sensitivity to light. Although shingles is usually not life threatening, complications can occur in those over the age of 70. Regardless of age, it is important to receive an affirmative diagnosis from a doctor.

Since shingles is a viral infection, those who are not immune to chickenpox are susceptible to becoming infected. However, the person will become infected with chickenpox, not shingles. If infected with shingles, it is important to limit contact with others and receive proper treatment. Although there is no cure, antiviral drugs such as Zovirax, Valtrex, and Famvir can help heal the infected person and reduce the risk of complications.

However, before putting yourself at risk of getting the shingles, there are preventative measures that could be taken: the chickenpox vaccination (for children) and the shingles vaccination (older adults). Because adults over 50 are more prone to shingles, doctors may advise patients within this age group to receive the vaccine, Zostavax, which decreases the likelihood of contracting the virus and reduces the severity if it occurs. Zostavax is available through LETMEDCO to licensed healthcare professionals. So next time you are at the doctor, it is important to discuss and consider these options, whether for yourself or loved ones.

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