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Exos Long Thumb Spica With Boa

Exos Long Thumb Spica With Boa

SKU: 231-21-1111
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DonJoy Exos Long Thumb Spica With Boa

DonJoy's Exos Long Thumb Spica With Boa provides primary stabilization for the first metacarpal-phalangeal (MCP) and first carpo-metacarpal (CMC) joints, as well as secondary support for the radio-carpal and radio-ulnar wrist joints.


  • Provides stability for injuries to the base of the thumb at the CMC joint
  • Boa closure system provides for minute adjustments in circumferential compression of the brace
  • Color: Black


The Exos Wrist Undersleeve is recommended for use with this Exos brace. It will provide protection from skin shear and wicks away moisture.


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